Hello there, I’m Hannah. 

I am young at heart and old in soul. To the average person, I may just look like a healthy 20-something year old woman. I have both a smile on my face and pain in my body. I am both excited and exhausted by each new day. I am both the calm and the storm, with a flash of lightning and a little rain to make the garden grow. 

Welcome to my blog that has been inside my head many years and now seems like the right time to be out in the wild. I have wanted to create a little space on the internet to share my experiences with chronic pain, medical uncertainty and isolation. To share the skills I have learnt over the years on how to manage and adjust to this new way of living. To shine a light on things in the darkness. To talk about the good things and the bad things and even up the balance.

I’ve been dealing with medical conditions, chronic pain and medical uncertainty for several years now. I have learnt so much from doctors and people in the world who have been lighthouses for me during this time. They have shown me how to live with conditions that drastically changed my normal lifestyle and guided me to find a new way to live. 

I have always been drawn to lighthouses – the history, the mystery, their meaning. They have always been a steadfast symbol for overcoming challenges and adversity, guidance and navigation, and showing the way forward out of harm’s way into safety. The lighthouse keepers are always alert and vigilant, watching the conditions and dire circumstances, guiding their help with the light but they have no control over the outcomes. Lighthouses are there to show the danger that is ahead. They don’t tell ships which way to go on their journey. 

This blog is to guide those that have arrived in a crisis situation, to find suggestions and skills that may make their life a little more stable and consistent, until the storm passes or until we master sailing the seas. 

I’ll shine my light.

I’ll be a guide for you to find your own way to manage. 

You are free to choose your own journey.

Welcome to the Lady in the Lighthouse.

Stay as long as you need to. I’ll keep the light on.

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