Everything is Temporary

Everything is temporary.

The season. 

The flowers.

The wind and snow.

The pain.

The joy. 

The feeling. 

The restlessness.

The uncertainty.

The contentment. 

The good news is everything is temporary. 

The bad news is everything is temporary. 

Just as quick as we want the pain to be over, the joys will only last just as long too. 

Every minute, every hour, every day is different. When we are living with pain, these thoughts can give a lot of hope. Knowing that the next frame of time may be different to the last. We are not going to feel this forever. It is always changing. 

It also makes us appreciate the joys and special moments so much more when they appear for however long it may be. 

Witness it while it is here. It will soon be gone. 

It is all temporary.

This too shall pass. 

Take heart Readers, I’ll keep the light on.

A Word on Timing, Comfort and Change

There is something to be said for timing and usually we only see that something happens at the perfect time if it involves an obvious change or lesson, but even the things that we seek comfort from can come to us at the right time.

Ending Each Day On A Good Note: My Daily Gratitude Practice

After a long day of trying to keep your head up and survive, it can be hard to remember the good little things that happened during the day. Gratitude becomes a giant exhale for the day. Get the bad stuff out of the way, and let’s focus on the good things and lighten the load.

Book Therapy – Care: The Radical Art Of Taking Time

One of my all-time favorite people to recommend is Brooke McAlary and her new book, Care, helps us work out what to do when the world’s problems feel too big and we are burnt out from trying, and we need to restore ourselves so that we can continue to care for things.

Book Therapy – Notes On A Nervous Planet

Matt Haig is a brilliant writer and human being who is constantly investigating and questioning the effect of modern life on our mental health. He is a huge advocate for mental health wellness, and has shared his experiences through his multiple fiction works and his non-fiction books.

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