Become A Regular At Your Local Chemist

Dosage: One tablet, twice a day for optimal sparkle.

If you are starting to take medication or dealing with a medical condition, then one of the best things you can do is to find a chemist that is close by and supportive for your needs. 

Getting to know the pharmacist is incredibly beneficial in many ways and just like doctors, we have to trust in their expertise and knowledge and to pick up if something might not be right. Becoming a regular at the same chemist, instead of jumping between multiple chemists, allows that familiarity to grow – both towards the staff and the chemist, and towards you as a patron.

Just like a local cafe knows your coffee order, the chemist staff get to know you, they get to know your preferences and if you have certain medication requirements, for example if you need to cut tablets in half or need the coated option. 

Building a trusting relationship really pays off when you need to discuss more sensitive issues and to feel comfortable while doing so. They are great when you need some advice on a simple issue but a full doctor’s appointment isn’t needed. 

Having a third-party person in the mix is helpful when you have multiple doctors prescribing medications. They see the whole list together and how they interact, and give advice as to when is the best time to take the medication and what to avoid.

Most chemists are now providing prescription orders through an app which is really convenient! You can leave your scripts on file at the chemist, they will load them into the system and app, and all you need to do is order them once you start running out. 

If you get caught out in an emergency or have limited mobility, your local chemist may be able to provide delivery services for medications or other products. There have been a few times I have realised I have run out of medication right before the closing time and called them up, and they have been generous enough to stay open a few more minutes to help me out. 

After your doctors and practitioners, the pharmacist is probably going to be the next most frequent person you see when managing a medical condition, so it is reassuring to get to know them and their services.

Plus it’s always nice to see a familiar face! 

Take heart Readers, I’ll keep the light on.

If only our medication could be origami paper stars!

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