Take Control Of What You Can – Your Environment

In the second instalment of Take Control Of What You Can Series, I’m talking about regaining control of an environment to make you feel happier, healthier and safer. 

When it comes to the environments that we live in, I’m not going to tell you what to do or how to live in a space that feels right and comfortable to you. This blog post is about creating awareness of the effect that the things around us have on our wellbeing. Our environments might be making us more stressed or anxious without even realizing it. 

Some of these suggestions are quick and easy changes, and some may inspire you to start a project and employ the help of other people to make it best for your needs. 

Make your living space as comfortable as possible. This is your sanctuary. Treat it like your own sanctuary and it will begin to feel like one. Decorate and furnish in colours that make you feel at peace and relaxed. 

Removing clutter. This is both for safety reasons and it helps the mind to calm down too. A clear space can equal a clear mind. Each thing in its own place as to not lose it or waste energy trying to find it. Keeping walkway spaces clear and orderly for accessibility. It gives you peace of mind that you aren’t going to trip over something – our subconscious brains are worrying behind the scenes of a possible incident and feeling safe in your environment will ease this worry. 

Put away painful memories. If there is anything, such as photos or mementos, that make you miss the old days and how things used to be, or make you sad to see, put them out of sight for a while. There will come a day where you will be happy to look back on old photos and mementos of how things used to be with joy and fondness. 

Let the fresh air in. 

Protect the energy. You get to choose who you let into your sanctuary space. Notice the energy in the room when someone else is present. This includes the tv, social media and entertainment. Are they bringing good energy or does it make you feel drained afterwards?

Turn the volume down. On noise. On overbearing visuals. On anything overwhelming or over-stimulating.

Turn off all the electronics occasionally or for set time periods. Spend time in the analogue world with a book, creating, meditating, cooking or having a conversation. 

Mood lighting. We all know that dim golden light is comfortable and relaxing in the evening, especially before we go to sleep. But don’t forget that natural light and opening the curtains is uplifting, and a super quick mood and energy booster.

Have a space that is only for relaxing. If you can manage it, have a place that you can go to that is purely for relaxing and catching your breath. If you only use the space for relaxation, your body will recognize that from habit and instantly kick start the relaxation process. You may have a cozy chair that you read in, or the front steps in the sun with a cup of tea, or the bathtub! 

Hope that some of these suggestions are helpful to create a calming environment for you. If you have any suggestions to contribute, please leave a comment below!

If you haven’t read the previous post in the Take Control Of What You Can Series, you can find it linked below. 

Take good care, Readers. I’ll keep the light on.

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