The Lightkeeper’s List – Volume 1

Hello Readers! Today I am starting a new series called The Lightkeeper’s List! 

I plan to share a list every now and then of my favourite things that have brought light and bliss into my life. These are the people and things that are my Lightkeeper’s – shining out there, keeping the light on for me. 

  • Love On The Spectrum – It’s no secret that I am a romantic at heart and this show is my new all time favourite! I love to see that there is now a focus on personal relationships for the autistic community, as there has been so much focus on assisting their education and employment as the main priorities for their lives. A brilliant dating coach, specifically for autistic clients, is brought in to help guide the person with whatever their needs are, and the crew are fantastic at being a gentle support while interviewing the person or when they go on a date. It is nothing like dating shows you have seen before, it is filled with genuine and good hearted intentions – plus the occasional no filter comment! 
  • Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds – Another equally uplifting and moving show with the same tone as Love On The Spectrum is Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds. The show is about engaging older Australians who may be living alone and isolated, with preschool aged children to improve the skills, fitness and relationships of both groups. It is incredible to watch the experiment evolve and I really hope it encourages more intergenerational programs around Australia and the world. There are so many beautiful moments in every episode that it makes your heart burst! 
  • Little Voice – I love a show about musicians, music and a love story to New York City, and that is just what Little Voice looks like on the surface. I was surprised by the realities of life that popped into the storyline, the beautifully honest songs (written mostly by Sara Bareilles, and I have had the album on repeat for the last month), and the unknown but extremely talented casting of the whole show. The highlight of the show for me was Louie, the Autistic big brother of the main character, played by an Autistic actor, who is obsessed with Broadway shows, history and trivia, and is trying to adjust to a new group home living situation and finding employment. I don’t want to give too much away, as it is a joy to experience for yourself! Wonder of wonders! I really hope a second season will be in the works (as soon as it is COVID safe again in NYC to film it).
  • My favourite app at the moment is Sleep by Max Richter. I am slightly hypnotised by watching the planets while the music lulls you into sleep. I am keen to watch the accompanying documentary Max Richter’s Sleep which sounds fascinating! 
  • Here’s a new song to really uplift and turn up LOUD from Australia’s Queen of love and light, Delta Goodrem’s Kill Them with Kindness! Oh gosh haven’t we all needed this song after the last year or so of everyone feeling emotional and angry at each other?! Let’s choose kindness! (P.S Delta’s new album Bridge Over Troubled Dreams is magnificent!)

Have you discovered something lately that has brought light to your world? Please leave me a comment below and share the goodness! 

Take heart, Readers. I’ll keep the light on.

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