Musings & Meditations – June 17 2021

King Of The Lost Boys

Oh, honey don't you cry
the absence of the light
even the Sun must rest his weary eyes.
So let the night wrap stars around you
weigh the anchor
and sail into the night's joy.
You can be king of the lost boys.

Shadows begin their games
these faces with no names
whisper words in tongues
make your ears ring.
The monsters circle 'round
eyes upon you
raise your head
and let them hear your heart's choice.
You are the king of the lost boys.

Give me a kiss goodbye
and go explore the night
you know the way
you can come back anytime
And if the fear comes
heavy on you
make some noise
You're king of the lost boys.

Come now, honey, don't you cry, 
no honey, don't you cry
in time you will be stronger
Don't you worry 'bout the why
those answers come in time
so leave your heart to wander

Leave your heart to wander...

-Written by Sara Bareilles, Jason Blynn & Peter Harper for Little Voice

Listen to the song from Little Voice here:

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