You Are Not Meant To Keep Your Foot On The Stepping Stone Forever

Some things are meant to be stepping stones in your life, and you are not meant to keep your foot on them forever, or it holds you back. 

This blog was my best stepping stone. 

It got me out of my isolated, shrunken world and into a community of people who experience life like me and gave me confidence and experience which has led me to bigger things (a new business!) Read this post From Depressed To Blogger To Business Owner for all the details!

[Image Description: pool of water with blurry reflections and rocks, and clear reflections of Australian bush trees.]
[Image Description: pool of water with blurry reflections and rocks, and clear reflections of Australian bush trees.]

A few months ago,I was at a crossroads with the blog. I was on the cusp of expanding it, but I’ve been delaying. Delaying working on it, planning it and just doing it. Usually procrastination is a sign for me to pause and reconsider, because if I really feel right about doing something, it gets done pretty quickly. 

It’s taken a lot of self reflection, journaling, looking at the practicality and a very well timed insight, to realise that keeping this blog going may not be the best thing for me. 

I love blogging – the crafting of ideas into words into posts, choosing the image that feels right for the topic, the community I have found, and always being on the lookout for things to share.

However, I am wondering if it is holding me back from moving forward. Has my foot been stuck on the stepping stone for too long? 

Is constantly thinking, writing, reading and talking about medical conditions and the lifestyle that comes with it, keeping me in this place and holding back my healing? 

Has the blog progressed me forward when I needed it and completed its healing work on me? Have I found something new that is more healing for me to be working on? 

All of those questions are answered with a deep sigh and a grounded yes. In the same way that you would say “Yes, thank you for helping me” and feel immensely grateful for it. It’s time to let it go.

The part of blogging that I love is still present in the work that I do now in my business and for my clients, so I don’t really feel like I am losing my favourite part of it. I know I can look back on this phase of my life and will probably say that it was my favourite stepping stone rock in the river that got me where I needed to go next. I am starting to believe that letting go may feel less like loss and more like relief. 

Do you have your foot stuck on a rock that might just be a stepping stone? 

Take good care, Readers. I’ll keep the light on. 

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  1. Clare says:

    Love this Hannah! Can’t wait to see where the stepping stones take you 🙂


    1. Thanks Clare! Lots of changes happening everywhere right now – I’m excited!


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