Activities For Slow & Quiet Days

Some days you just need something to do that is quiet and not too taxing on your energy levels. These activities are especially good to keep in mind for days when you are in solitude, while everyone else is going about their day or working.

Here are some of my favourite things to do:

  • Sit outside – watch the clouds flow by, the birds sing and observe changes in the garden. Even wet or stormy weather can be exciting to watch!
  • Take photos of things around your house – look at everything from different perspectives. It’s interesting to look back on these photos in years to come, as you never know what will change. Document life as it is on this day.
  • Reading or listening to audiobooks – this will always be my favourite way to pass time and escape reality. It is great for letting your body relax and takes the focus off it for a while. 
  • Knitting, crochet or macrame – a lovely mindful and meditative activity with a beautiful end result.
  • Take self portraits – not just your standard selfie! Take a photo of yourself today however you are, however you feel. Get creative and document your reality like a journalist. Play with shadows and light, pose with objects you love, obstruct the view of your face with books, flowers or leaves, or take photos of other parts of your body like your hands. 
  • Discover new recipes – cooking when you have low energy can be a pretty draining thing to do, so if you have some quiet time, use it to research and look for new recipes to make. Organize what ingredients you will need and plan if it is possible for you to make it by yourself or if you’ll need assistance. Have your recipe plans ready to go for something to look forward to or for when the opportunity strikes! 
  • Jigsaw puzzles – have made quite the return in popularity since the start of COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, and they are fantastic for a slow meditative activity. Working away at something and seeing visible results is uplifting when dealing with health conditions and recovery results that aren’t always visible. The sense of accomplishment when you finish a jigsaw puzzle is pretty satisfying too! 
  • Journaling – it doesn’t have to be about writing down your feelings! There are lots of lists on the internet for journaling prompts to get you started. Record your favourite memories and things, bucket lists or places you want to travel, or your personal stories and history. Follow my lead and start a journal book of your favourite quotes and poems. If words aren’t your forte, try art journaling!
  • Write a letter – snail mail is not extinct yet! Write a letter or postcard to your loved ones and friends. The surprise in the mailbox is always delightful and it may even begin a regular pen pal exchange!
  • Crosswords, Find-A-Word, Sudoku puzzles – I love a good Find-A-Word puzzle but it’s usually an activity I can only do for so long before I get stuck. I usually have a puzzle magazine or newspaper sitting open on the table and I tinker away at it in short doses when I’m having a break or meal. If you get really stuck on a Crossword answer, you can always ask Siri or Alexa!

As always, experiment with whatever activities bring you joy without depleting your energy. Let me know with a comment below what activities you enjoy doing on a quiet day! 

Take heart, Readers.

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