Present Ideas for People with Medical Conditions

Buying presents for people with chronic conditions can sometimes be a little tricky. The ‘go to’ presents of food and alcohol may not be appropriate if the person is on medication or has dietary requirements. Experience presents can be difficult to organise around and being able to attend on a ‘good day’ with chronic conditions. 

Here are some suggestions that are fail-safe to bring your loved ones some joy and comfort this festive season!

Ultimate comfort for sore bodies:

  • Heat mat
    • I use my heat mat everyday to target sore muscles and to lie on when meditating. It’s the perfect size for travelling too!
  • Electric heated blanket
    • The best thing I bought this year and by far my favourite thing when its cold and I don’t feel well.
  • Silk pillowcases
    • Anyone with head or scalp pain will tell you that having your hair caught on anything is the worst! Silk pillowcases allow for your hair to move with ease while you sleep and less bedhead hair when you wake up! Perfect for anyone who needs lots of sleep without looking like they are always in bed.
  • Bath salts or magnesium flakes
    • Perfect for easing those sore muscles!
  • Bamboo blanket
    • One of my favourite recommendations – Bamboo blankets are the perfect combination of warm, comfortable and slightly weighted but not too heavy. They are great for regulating body temperature and snuggling up with any time of the year.
  • Tea
    • Try herbal or fruit teas and avoid anything caffeinated!

A few creative accessibility props: 

  • Bookstand
    • No one wants a sore shoulder from holding an engrossing book for too long! 
  • Phone or tablet stand
    • Same goes for a phone or tablet – something to easily and comfortably prop up their phone or tablet is a must! 
  • Loopy phone case
    • I have had a Loopy case for a few weeks now and I can easily say that it is the most comfortable phone case I’ve ever had. The loop allows your hand to easily hold the phone weight and less repetitive strain on your hands!
  • Wireless earphones 
    • Perfect for when you need some white noise or a meditation track to put you to sleep or nap, you can just pull them out when it finishes without getting all tangled up in them and fully waking yourself up! They have been my favourite purchase in years! 

Fun activities: 

  • Books
    • So many great fiction books around lately for gifts! Let them escape into another world for a while. It’s almost better than a holiday! 
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
    • Mindful and meditative bliss in a box! 
  • Crafting activities 
    • Paint by numbers! Macrame or cross stitch kit! Colouring in books! 
  • Journals
    • Always needed! 
  • Movie cinema voucher
    • To use whenever they have a good day and feel like an outing! 
  • Membership to their favourite Museum or Gallery 
    • Such a great place to visit to go at your own pace and it is quiet, relaxing and sparks curiosity.


The gift that keeps on giving and giving!

If they use a subscription, offer to pay for a few months or a year! Usually these little extras are the first thing to be removed when cutting down on expenses. However, they are the things that bring us most comfort when in pain or not feeling well. 

  • Audiobooks
    • The BEST thing when not feeling well and having little energy.  
  • TV Streaming
    • Netflix, Stan, Binge, whatever is cool and available in your country!
  • Meditation app 
    • Calm, Headspace, Buddhify, Breathe, there are so many to choose from.  
  • Magazines  
  • Specialty subscription boxes, eg beauty, books, collectables. 
  • Book club 
    • All of these mail subscriptions are a wonderful surprise to receive every month or two and something to look forward to. 

To uplift! 

If you have any other suggestions for presents for people with chronic conditions, please leave a comment below!

Take good care, Readers. I’ll keep the light on. 

This post contains no sponsored products – all opinions are my own.

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