Taking A Break

The time has come for me to press pause on the blog and take some time out to recharge my creative batteries. 

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.

– Alan Cohen

A lot of the time we hear compliments that it is good that we are ‘pushing on through’ and ‘keep going on regardless’, so it can take a lot of courage to stop and step back from the productivity hamster wheel. No one ever compliments or congratulates you on doing nothing anymore! 

By not taking time for a break we miss out on crucial things for our development. Taking time for reflection and meditation, taking time to let your mind and body recover, rest and settle down before another burst of energetic activity. We need a clean slate to build new things – not only in the space where we are creating – but a clean refreshed state of being in ourselves, free from the burden of exhaustion, untainted by previous attempts or mental clutter. 

A holiday is an opportunity to journey within.

– Prabhas

I am hoping that this holiday (even though I am taking my medical problems with me and still having treatment – if only I could have a break from that too!), allows me to reflect, recharge and envisage what might be next for me and the blog. 

I’ll be back by September at the latest and in the meantime, here are some posts for you to read that you might have missed!

Take care, Readers. The light is still on.

A Word on Timing, Comfort and Change

There is something to be said for timing and usually we only see that something happens at the perfect time if it involves an obvious change or lesson, but even the things that we seek comfort from can come to us at the right time.

How To Use Breathing Meditations For Pain

Most of the time we don’t even realise that we are holding our breath when we are in pain. So when we are in the moment of pain and waiting for it to pass or ease, here are some neat little breathing meditation practices to try to relax our bodies.

Have You Considered Mental Health First Aid Training?

We are all aware of the mental health campaigns urging us to check in with each other, to start the conversation about someone’s mental health… but do you know how to support and guide them to resources if they say “No, I’m not ok”?. What are the next steps to take? Do you feel confident…

Become A Regular At Your Local Chemist

The pharmacist is probably going to be a frequent person you’ll see when managing a medical condition, so it is reassuring to get to know them and their services. 

Tips For Booking Appointments

I’ve had a lot of medical appointments over the years and I have learnt a few tips from my experiences and from the medical practitioners and their staff.

Reading Gives Us Someplace To Go When We Have To Stay Where We Are

When life gets too much we can retreat into familiar places and stories that give us comfort, and which feel better than the place that we are currently living in. Escaping into a book is the perfect balm for a tired soul in need of rest from yourself, your life and the world.

Progress Is Not Linear

Once we have taken care of the immediate issues, diving into medical investigations can make it hard to work out if you are making progress.

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